Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the dimensions of the iSandbox?

    We offer 6 versions of the iSandbox at the moment: Standard, Mini, Small, Lite and Childrens Hope. Finally we have the latest addition - the table model Micro.

    Standard: W*H*D = 170cm * 250cm * 130cm. Weight: 160kg

    Mini: W*H*D = 116cm * 206cm * 94cm Weight: 130kg

    Small: W*H*D = 107cm * 220cm * 78cm. Weight: 27kg 

    Lite: W*H*D = 46cm x 36,5cm x 27cm. Weight: 16kg

    Childrens hope: W*H*D = 160 cm x 205 cm x 115 cm. Weight: 200kg

  • Which places are most suited for an iSandBOX?

    Many places will benefit from an iSandbox: kindergardens, primary- and secondary schools, school services, water works, indoor playgrounds, malls, highschools, water plants, museums and all sorts of exhibitions. iSandbox is versatile with great possibilities as a learning device for natural science, biology and geology, alongside multiple entertainment, therapeutic and sensoric purposes.

    iSandBOX is used for learning and entertainment throughout Scandinavia, including a variety of institutions such as SEA LIFE Helsinki, Norges Arktiske Universitet, Skolecentret in Hirtshals, Kalundborg High School, Brorfelde Observatory, Peder Lykke Public School and many more.

  • Various PIN codes

    For the local WiFi the code is: 12345678. For the settings where it asks for a PIN code it is: 80000008.

  • What type of sand is best suited in an iSandBOX?

    Use regular sandbox sand which is washed and free of microorganism and other impurities such as clay.

    The sand has to be rather soft and not so fine grained, that dust will evolve from it. It is a good idea to choose a rather light colored type of sand. This will increase the clearness of the projection.

  • What should I do in case of malfunction?

    Please contact our English-speaking support and get a reply within 24 hours.

  • How do I assemble my iSandbox?

    When you receive the iSandbox there is a detailed assembling-manual in the box. All the necessary screws, nuts and washers as well as tools are provided too. In case anything is missing, please contact Scandidact. All iSandboxes have been assembled and tested pre to shipping.

  • Can I use my iPad instead of the included Android-tablet?

    A number of our customers have requested this feature and it is currently being developed.

  • How do I start using my iSandbox?

    If you have purchased iSandBOX Small or the only the software, please make sure your computer fits the system requirements. After the purchase you will receive a download link to the installation files and an ID and password for activation of your software license. Every iSandBOX is calibrated before shipping. In some cases the transport may cause a small dislocation of the hardware. In such cases a recalibration is necessary. UTS technical support is ready to help and the recalibration can be done using TeamViewer.

  • Can I deactivate the buttons and the screen on the tower?

    The screen on the iSandBOX’s tower cannot be turned off. Det navigation-buttons can, on the other hand, be turned off by unplugging it on the computer. If you are in doubt please do not hesitate contating Scandidact.

    DSC08122 - deaktiver knapper_1


  • What is the warranty on iSandBOX?

    Scandidact offers a 12 month warranty on technical and digital components. If anything malfunctions or breaks during that period, Scandidact will provide a spare part without free of charge or shipping. 24 month warranty if offered on the sandbox, the tower and the projector house. The warranty does not cover damages caused by moist or low temperature. Warranty note with details will be send with the iSandBOX. 

  • What is the delivery time of an iSandBOX?

    Production and delivery is normally 5-6 weeks from date of order.

  • How is iSandBOX delivered and shipped?

    Usually, iSandBOX is shipped by plane to the closest airport and further shipped by carrier. The price includes shipping, custom clearing, VAT and door-to-door delivery.

  • How much sand do I need for my iSandBOX standard version?

    We recommend you to use 300-350 kg. Det maximum capacity is 400 kg., equivalent to 0.25 - 0.30 m3.

  • At what height do you recommend installing the iSandBOX Lite?

    The Lite version is installed vertically with its camera pointing downwards and immediately above the center of the sand reservoir. The recommended distance between the bottom of the sand reservoir and the sensor is 170-180 cm. The projection changes according to the height.

  • How much power does the iSandBOX require?

    iSandBOX needs 220 V from a regular light socket. The Lite- and Standard models uses a 450 W computer, a 270 W projector and a 60 W screen. A total 780 W. The Lite version uses a total of 720 W.