In 2018, Scandidact became the exclusive supplier of iSandBOX in the Nordic countries. An increased focus on the future potential of digital branding and media didactics has already made iSandBOX a popular tool in learning, therapy and entertainment. 

Scandidact is a modern company with three business areas. Our goal is and always has been to supply and service quality products, where design and usability are taken to a higher level. We are constantly on the lookout for new products that can complement our current range. So if you have an idea or a product that could be interesting, then contact us. 

A little history.
Scandidact was established in 1969 by conservator Ole Nielsen, and focused on sales of teaching materials - primarily for biology classes - at all levels, from reception class to sixth form, to vocational colleges, forest schools, hospitals and universities as well as private businesses. Nielsen continued to successfully run the company until May 2011, when he handed over his life’s work to new owners.