The iSandBOX Software is a pioneering development powered by AR technology that was designed by our experienced team of IT-engineers and includes 29 amazing modes


Custom Development

As developers we can design a new set of modes for iSandBOX - add branding, new textures and mechanics. With our team of professionals from the field of game development, design and engineering, your project is in caring and capable hands. We have already designed a number of great projects for our customers.

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Our Advantages

Our development team utilizes AR, VR, machine learning and neural networks technologies to implement solutions into educational, amusement, medical, military, advertisement and government businesses. UTS is one of the pioneers in the field of augmented reality to which we have dedicated many years of research. We have gained invaluable expertise in software development and unrivaled features of the product:

  • Outstanding quality of graphics;
  • Highly realistic physical properties of objects;
  • Large variety of modes and interactive scenarios, continuous development of new modes;
  • Virtual objects interact with each other (lions chase antelopes, volcanic bombs set fire to forest);
  • AR is linked to VR - the worlds created in iSandBOX can be explored in a VR headset; this can serve a base for numerous games and simulation applications;
  • The system can be managed with a tablet;
  • Separate modes can be customized.